Animal Justice Foundation (AJF)

About us

The Animal Justice Foundation provides financial power and a backstop for the animal justice movement.

By pooling donations, we build financial strength for the movement, invest in ethical initiatives, and using the proceeds of those investments, support the individuals and organisations that can most effectively generate change towards a kinder world for all animals.

We invest in innovative, inclusive, kind and sustainable alternatives to the existing constructs that perpetuate animal cruelty and exploitation by:

• supporting the achievement of political power for animals as an associated entity of the Animal Justice Party
• promoting civic engagement to speak-out against legalised atrocities imposed on animals in contemporary society

• partnering with thought-leading activists and organisations to support and inspire activities and initiatives that foster animal rights
• activating innovative solutions that drive social, political, technological, and cultural evolution to a more ethical, just and sustainable world for all animals.

Our vision

Our vision is for a kind, sustainable, healthy, and productive society that values all animal species as sentient beings in their own right, living free from pain, fear and exploitation – starting here in Australia.

Our mission

The Animal Justice Foundation’s mission is to build financial strength to back those individuals and organisations working towards a world of animal justice.

Our board

The Animal Justice Foundation is run by a voluntary Board with a wealth of experience in social change and animal rights spanning expertise in advocacy, finance, wealth management, information technology, operations, activism, marketing and fundraising. The Board’s primary role is to provide strategic oversight and ensure the foundation’s funds are allocated in alignment with our vision, mission and strategy.

Bruce Poon

Bruce Poon – President

Bruce has worked as a consulting Project Manager in the InfoTech sphere for much of his career. He has been the founder and director of several for-profit companies and not-for-profit charities. He has worked on animal and environmental causes for more than 30 years, through education, activism and, for more than 10 years, politics. He has been the President of the Animal Justice Party in Australia, which seeks to represent the interests of non-human animals in the political sphere, and has worked for its MPs in the Victorian parliament.

Katrina Love – Secretary

Katrina is an experienced political animal activist, passionate photographer and a qualified horticulturist, having spent 17 years in native plant breeding at Kings Park & Botanic Garden. She has been a senior member of the Animal Justice Party since 2013 as both Vice President for four years and State Convenor in WA and TAS for a total of 10 years, and run in and coordinated nine federal and state elections. Katrina was the Campaign Manager for Stop Live Exports in Fremantle for over a decade – a campaign she has been involved in for 20 years. She sat on the Animals Australia Executive Board for four years and continues to work closely with them on live exports.

Leah Folloni – Treasurer

Leah has always been a passionate animal lover and started rescuing animals at a very young age and now volunteers for a wildlife shelter, a farmed animal rescue and numerous other animal rights organisations.
She joined the Animal Justice Party in 2013 and has run in state and federal elections to educate and make changes for animals through the political systems.
Leah has numerous rescued cows and steers from the dairy industry and spends a lot of time helping with cow rescues, she is passionate about educating people about the plight of these magnificent animals.

Chris Delforce

Chris Delforce

An animal activist for over 10 years, Chris is the founding director of Farm Transparency Project (formerly Aussie Farms), the organisation behind numerous exposés of the suffering endured by animals in Australian farms and slaughterhouses. Chris has written, directed and edited two documentaries – Lucent and Dominion – the latter featuring narration from Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara, and made headlines around the country with the release of an interactive map of animal exploitation facilities, a project 8 years in development.

Ric Allport

Ric has been an animal activist and animal rescuer for many years. He was the Convenor of Animal Justice Party Queensland for four years, helping bring the party to full registration in the state. He is also one of the directors of Coast to Coast Animal Friends, and has run the animal rescue team, Rescue Ninjas, for over ten years. Ric is now based in Sydney where he continues his passion for animal rights. He uses his photography and music to bring awareness of animal and environmental issues to the world. He has been MC for many animal rights protests and one of the organisers of the Animal Activists Forum and Animal Rights Forum here in Australia.

Mackenzie Severns

Mackenzie has been a passionate animal advocate and environmentalist from a young age. She has been heavily involved with the Animal Justice Party in Queensland, various animal sanctuaries, and other forms of activism within the animal rights movement. Mackenzie is studying Social Media Marketing, and runs a small business helping ethically-minded organisations to optimise their social media platforms. She has just recently relocated to Sydney.

Ways to give

The AJF exists to build power through finance,
and over the very long term.

Only by combining your donations with that of others in the movement, and investing it long term, will we be able to accumulate a significant fund with investment returns that can then be used to future-proof animal protection. If you want your donation to fund immediate initiatives to support animals there are rescue groups, shelters, activist organisations and political parties who will do exactly that.

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