Animal Justice Foundation (AJF)


The Animal Justice Awards recognise the individuals, charities and organisations working towards a better life for all animals for today, tomorrow and in future.

The inaugural Animal Justice Awards will be launched at the Animal Rights Forum in April 2022 with applications opening in October 2021.

Every year the Animal Justice Foundation will provide Awards and one-off financial grants to support outstanding animal charities, thought-leading activists, cruelty-free brands and innovative community organisations who are progressing animal protection across a variety of sectors. Awarding those who foster sustainable behavioural, social, political, economic, cultural and technological change to save animals is one way the foundation aims to give back to the community.

The Animal Justice Awards are contingent on the Foundation’s annual revenue and comprise a small proportion of the annual income earned from investments, philanthropy and donations.

Ways to give

The AJF exists to build power through finance,
and over the very long term.

Only by combining your donations with that of others in the movement, and investing it long term, will we be able to accumulate a significant fund with investment returns that can then be used to future-proof animal protection. If you want your donation to fund immediate initiatives to support animals there are rescue groups, shelters, activist organisations and political parties who will do exactly that.

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