Animal Justice Foundation (AJF)

Pledge a bequest

Dedicating a gift or a bequest in your Will is an extraordinary act of kindness and a powerful way to share your philanthropic passion in life, or even to honour a loved one.

Our vision is far-reaching, and dedicating a bequest is an enduring legacy that will enable the AJF to continue to stand for animal rights beyond your lifetime. There are several ways to make a bequest:

  • Residuary gift – removes the need for you to put a specific value on your bequest, as this is the amount remaining in your estate once your loved ones have been taken care of
  • Nominated percentage – you choose the proportion of your estate you want to gift
  • Pecuniary gift – you select a fixed amount from your estate to bequest to the Animal Justice Foundation

To ensure your wishes are honoured, we recommend you share your plans to gift the AJF in your Will with loved ones and seek legal guidance.

Suggested wording for your will

Your solicitor or trustee is best to advise on the exact words to ensure your wishes are honoured. Here is some sample wording for your consideration to update your will or add an additional clause in an addendum:

I give to the Animal Justice Foundation (ACN 639 400 454):

  • the sum of $; or
  • the rest and residue of my estate; or
  • X percent of the rest and residue of my estate

for its general purposes free of all duties and taxes payable upon or in consequence of my death and I declare that the receipt of its Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer or other authorised officer will be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors and trustees who will not be obliged to enforce the application of the gift.

Tax implications of leaving a gift in your will

The taxation implications vary across states and territories. To ensure your will is structured in accordance with your wishes and to ensure you understand the specific tax implications for your estate, please speak to your solicitor or accountant for tailored advice for your individual situation.

Our pledgees

On behalf of all animals, a heart-felt thank you to our generous donors.

While I’ve always been an animal person, I wasn’t aware of the extent and severity of animal suffering from human actions. It's not just companion animals and wildlife but all sentient beings. I want to stop animal exploitation, and this is why I donate to the AJF. I know that improving animal welfare is a marathon and not a sprint. Giving to the AJF is a way to continuously give back and help the fight against animal abuse. This money will grow forever and provide an important role in activism, in changing public perception and in protecting animals. (Photo - Pepper, 2021)
We have a limited time in which to make a difference for other animals on this planet. I am proud and relieved to know that I can continue to contribute to animal liberation, rights, and protection after I am gone, thanks to the Animal Justice Foundation. (Photo - Buster & Lucille)
My greatest passion is my belief in the equality of all living beings and my desire to see this love and respect finally realised in how we live alongside all other animals. It was very easy to decide to leave a bequest to the AJF because I am so proud that our fledgling Animal Justice Party has become such a strong voice for the rights of all animals so quickly...
Animals enrich my life every day. So the opportunity to contribute to animal rights through the AJF, way beyond my life, is an absolute honour
The AJF is the first of its kind in Australia. Leaving a bequest enables me to support animals forever...