Animal Justice Foundation (AJF)

Creating a Will has traditionally been viewed as an expensive and time-consuming process, turning millions of people off completing something so important to them and their loved ones, and enabling their passions and values to continue beyond their lifetime.

The Animal Justice Foundation has partnered with ‘Willed’, an online platform that enables you to complete your legally-binding Will in a few simple steps, from the comfort of your own home.

Willed was created by lawyers and tech experts, but more importantly, real people – to simplify the process of end-of-life planning, saving you time, money and stress.

When you create your Will, you will be asked if you wish to leave a gift. Once your family and friends are cared for, you may wish to leave a percentage of your estate, or a specific nominated amount, to the Animal Justice Foundation. 

The Animal Justice Foundation provides a perpetual source of funding for charitable organisations and thought-leaders in the animal protection movement through the promotion of philanthropy, invested donations, and by distributing income earned through grants to support grassroots initiatives. We pool donations from visionary and kind-hearted people, like you, to foster animal protection for generations to come.